Minimum Portfolio $1,000,000


Our clients invest exactly as Keith DeGreen invests, within their own separate accounts at Charles Schwab. Each account is carefully managed by our firm. Keith originally developed our investment program to manage his family’s wealth, after he sold his previous firm in 2006*. Today hundreds of affluent investors participate with Keith in our innovative FEE-ONLY program. Our minimum portfolio requirement is $1,000,000.

While seeking market gains consistent with your personal risk tolerance and investment objectives, we strive to protect you from steep losses in your portfolio. We will not hesitate to go to cash or to other defensive positions if our proprietary valuation protocols and market analysis indicate that we should do so.

We maintain two core portfolio allocations: Wealth Preservation and Growth. What differs among our individual clients is the extent to which they are allocated to each.

Keith personally conducts an Investment Suitability Interview with prospective investors to help them determine the allocation most appropriate for them. You may change your allocation among the two portfolios at any time. Once your allocation is established, we will manage all investments within your account, pursuant to our strict investment discipline. Click here to learn how to invest

We actively manage passive investments to efficiently access the world’s most promising markets and sectors.

We typically use the rapidly-growing universe of low‐cost U.S.‐traded exchange traded Funds (ETFs) to access markets in the U.S., in other developed nations, and in emerging markets. We may also invest in individual securities in accordance with our rigorous screening process.

*Keith managed to flunk retirement, and opened DeGreen Capital Management to outside investors, as a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, in 2010. But during his failed retirement Keith bought a boat and piloted it across the Pacific. Visit the website about this exciting adventure at Note, you will be taken to a different website. Be sure to return here!

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