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Your World-Class Money Managers

At DeGreen Capital Management (DCM) our mission is to produce superior risk-adjusted returns while protecting your portfolio against steep losses. Our FEE-ONLY managed-portfolio programs feature world-class money managers, under our supervision. All of our managers have successfully provided excellent risk-adjusted returns while seeking to protect investors from downside risk. Each uses low-cost U.S.-traded, diversified, exchange traded funds (ETFs) or other diversified funds. These managers include:

DeGreen-PAR Portfolios

Broad-S&P Stock/Bond ETF Portfolios
(“DP” and “DP2“)i


29.6% and 55.6%
2013 Net Total Return

In cooperation with Model Capital Management LLC, DeGreen Capital Management and Keith DeGreen directly manage two historically-effective S&P-centered stock/bond ETF portfolios within our clients’ separate accounts at Charles Schwab. Our DeGreen-PAR Portfolio (“DP”) is unleveraged. Our DeGreen-PAR 2X Portfolio (“DP2″) may use leveraged ETFs under favorable circumstances.

We employ MCM’s continuous Performance Analytics Research (PAR) program, and our own proprietary analysis, to assess more than 20 market and sector data points. The PAR program triggers buy/sell/rotate recommendations. When confirmed by our own analysis, we rotate among broad S&P-centered ETFs and U.S. short and long-term bond ETFs.

In 2013, DeGreen-Parii (DP) produced a net total return 30.1%. Its leveraged version (DP2) produced a 56.1% net total return. Both programs demonstrated substantially less volatility than the S&P 500 Index. Returns are net after all expenses, except our management fee. Our fee will vary depending on the size of your portfolio.

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DeGreen Marktors® Worldwide Portfolio

Bringing You a World of Opportunities


The word “Marktors” stands for “markets” and “sectors”. Like our PAR portfolios, our DeGreen-Marktors Worldwide Portfolio (“DMW”) is managed directly by DeGreen Capital Management and Keith DeGreen within our clients’s separate accounts at Charles Schwab. Our PAR portfolios, and our other managers, invest in S&P-centered and U.S. bond ETFs. As an important supplement to those programs, DMW invests in:

  • Other U.S. markets
  • Other developed countries; and in
  • Emerging markets.

We apply our sophisticated proprietary valuation protocols to identify and rotate among what we regard as the world’s most promising markets. As with all our directly-managed portfolios, we go to cash or other defensive positions as indicated by our continuing objective analysis.

Keith DeGreen, J.D., CFP® personally manages our DeGreen portfolios. Keith is the author of The Emerging Markets Book. He has 30 years of industry experience, has visited 22 foreign countries, and maintains a network of knowledgeable analysts worldwide. We access all markets through low-cost U.S-traded exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

During 2013 the DeGreen Marktors® Worldwide Portfolio was a component of our 100% Growth Portfolio. The 100% Growth Portfolio produced a net total return of 17.6% in 2013. Returns are net after all expenses, except our management fee. Our fee will vary depending on the size of your portfolio.

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Swan Wealth Advisors Defined Risk Strategy

S&P Sectors with Defensive Options Portfolio


9.26% GIPS-Verified
17-year average annual return net of fees.

A proven low-volatility ETF-focused hedged equity strategy. Like having your own effective hedge fund, but without the high cost. In 2008, when the S&P 500 lost 37 percent, Swan lost only 4.5 percent.

While investing in S&P 500 sector ETFs, Swan applies a conservative options strategy to hedge against steep downturns in the stock market. The options component generates income to help offset the cost of protective put options.

Available as an institutional ETF fund or as a separate account through DCM depending on client needs. Swan separate accounts not available for IRAs or other qualified accounts. For these accounts we incorporate the Swan Institutional Defined Risk Fund in our clients’ managed portfolios at Charles Schwab. Average annual beta (volatility) since inception through 03/31/2014 was an extremely low .24.

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Hanlon Managed Income Program.

Investment Grade and High Yield Bond Portfolio


9.33% GIPS-Verified
13-year average annual return net of fees.

A historically effective tactical bond ETF and fund program for investors seeking income, some growth potential, and much less volatility than equity markets. It has never experienced an annual loss of more than one percent.iii

Often, when the value of investment-grade bonds decline, the value of high-yield bonds increase along with a rising equity market. Hanlon has successfully rotated among Investment grade and high-yield bond ETFs, funds and money market funds for more than thirteen years.

Many clients use this program for current income. Available as a separate account through DCM. Thirteen-year average annual beta (volatility) since inception through 03/31/2014 was and extremely low .18.

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i DP, DP2 and DMWP are abbreviations for our DeGreen Capital Management portfolios. They are not ticker symbols.
ii At the time, DeGreen-Par was under the management of Model Capital Management LLC.
iii Since inception through March 2014