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Your life. Your family. Your future. You have played by the rules, earned your wealth, and deserve respect and competence from your financial advisor.

DeGreen Capital Management (DCM), an Allworth Financial Company, is Arizona’s premiere independent, fee-only, fiduciary investment advisor. Your best interest always comes first here. No exceptions. No excuses. No hidden agendas.

Hundreds of affluent individuals and families trust DCM - real people who deserve the highest level of professionalism. I am honored to invest in the same program as our clients.

My son, Investment Advisor Sam DeGreen, and I manage our clients' separate accounts at industry leader Charles Schwab. We work together with an outstanding team.

I urge you to make an informed decision by reviewing the contents of this site. Then please call us at 480-609-9900 to request your complimentary consultation with Sam or me. This is a serious diagnostic meeting to determine whether, and to what extent, we at DeGreen Capital Management can be of service to you and your family.

I look forward to meeting you – and perhaps to investing along with you – soon.

Keith DeGreen, J.D., CFP®
Founder and CEO
DeGreen Capital Management LLC


The DeGreen-Allworth Advantage

For many years DeGreen Capital Management has served Arizona as a premier, fee-based fiduciary investment advisor – and it continues to do so. On November 1, 2021, DeGreen Capital Management became a member of the Allworth Financial family. We at DeGreen Capital Management can now provide a host of additional financial-, tax- and estate-planning services through Allworth’s nationwide capabilities.

As investment fiduciaries, we are proudly committed to only provide you with honest, straightforward advice that’s in your best interest 100 percent of the time. We are a fee-based advisor, meaning our economic interests are aligned with yours. Simply, when you do well, we do well. We’re also retirement focused, so we work with you to prepare you for the life you want to have during your retirement or after you’ve stopped working. Additionally, our advisors are not salespeople, nor do we sell proprietary products of any kind.

In cooperation with our investment committee at Allworth Financial, we maintain 11 carefully diversified, low-cost, risk-adjusted exchange-traded fund (ETF) portfolios. Our diversified portfolios invest worldwide. across the four major investment asset classes – equities, fixed income, alternatives, and cash. Our EMA portfolios all have long-term performance and volatility track records. Each portfolio is carefully weighted to achieve the level of asset-class exposure, historical volatility, and performance most appropriate for you.

As fellow investors, we are in this together. We stay in touch. Close touch. In fact, our client communications program is unsurpassed. Our clients receive frequent, substantive emails. We encourage you to reach out whenever you have questions, AND we stay in touch with our very popular radio show on NewsTalk 550 KFYI – "The Two Most Important Hours on Radio" – Saturdays from 11 AM to 1 PM. Our shows are also posted on the Radio/Podcasts page on this site.

That is who we are, and those are just some of the key reasons that people choose to work with us. Hundreds of affluent investors trust DeGreen Capital Management and Allworth Financial to help them achieve their goals.

We serve our clients with the respect and diligence they richly deserve. While investment results can never be guaranteed, we employ time-tested efficient, precise, and diversified portfolio discipline to help each client accomplish their objectives with as little risk as possible along the way.

Yes, your life. Your family. Your future. Call us today at 480-609-9900 to discuss how we can contribute to your success.

We look forward to investing with you.


The Three Keys to Smart, Proactive Investing

In the years ahead, efficiency, precision and diversification will be the three keys to your investing success.

  • Efficiency ensures not only that we reduce portfolio costs but also that we, as your advisor, provide exceptional added value;
  • Precision ensures not only that we match your specific needs with the best risk-adjusted portfolio, but also that we adjust to match your changing needs over time; and
  • Diversification ensures not only that we allocate worldwide across the four major investment asset classes – equities, fixed income, alternatives, and cash – but also that we rotate among the world's most promising markets in accordance with our strict investment discipline.

At DeGreen, we pioneered exchange-traded fund (ETF) investing before it was "cool." Low-cost ETFs are now America's most popular investment vehicle, for many reasons.

ETFs Beat Mutual Funds. Because our risk-adjusted ETF portfolios are so cost efficient, many DCM clients find that their investment costs with us are significantly less than they were when they invested in, for example, conventional mutual funds without a professional advisor. And, according to independent studies, ETFs consistently outperform conventional mutual funds.

ETFs Beat Annuities and 401(k) Subaccounts. What's more, diversified ETFs cost a tiny fraction of what annuity sub-accounts cost, and handily outperform them as a result (Absolutely no contest on a compared-risk basis!); and ETFs are significantly less expensive (and therefore often more productive) than most 401(k) investment subaccounts. NOTE: If you are still working (and are over 59 ½), be sure to ask us about taking a tax-free "in-service distribution" from your 401(k) to a potentially-more-productive (and certainly more efficient, precise, and diversified) DCM-managed IRA.

Our diversified, low-cost, index-tracking, ETF portfolios efficiently access all the world's most promising markets – in the U.S., in other developed countries, and in emerging economies.

How Can We Help You?

An essential component of how we can help you achieve your financial goals has to with the nature of our approach to the advisory profession. Simply, whether you choose to work with us, or someone else, first, make certain that whoever you select as your advisor is a full-time fiduciary whose advice must be in your best interest 100 percent of the time. (You should never compromise on this.)

In addition to listening to your dreams about the future, and then working with you to build a comprehensive financial plan to help you achieve them, we place you into specially selected investment vehicles with the overarching goal of asset preservation that simultaneously seeks to maximize upside. Additionally, we provide you with money saving, forward-thinking tax planning advice, as well as peace of mind estate planning recommendations.

Your precise portfolio is based solely on YOUR needs. If our program is suitable for you, we will work together to select the risk-adjusted portfolios that work best for you – based on YOUR individual objectives and risk tolerance. Also, we will stay in touch and modify your portfolio to meet your evolving needs over time. We seek to minimize the volatility required to accomplish your specific objectives. We watch your back when markets get dicey, and we communicate clearly as fellow investors.

We provide guidance on Social Security (married couples have 81 different filing strategies), while also helping you manage debt and cash outflows; including making recommendations about the optimal sequencing of the draw down of your assets for day-to-day expenses, emergencies, a grandchild’s education, or even a vacation home.

Lastly, perhaps the most important thing we do is to help keep you from making emotional financial decisions about investing that could derail your years of hard work, discipline, and planning.

We truly believe that your financial advisor is among the most important professional relationships you will ever have. We are not only passionate about what we do, we take the importance of being a fiduciary financial advisor seriously. We are in the proud profession of helping people like you live better lives.

2021 Five Star Wealth Manager, Keith DeGreen

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