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We strongly believe in proactively keeping our clients fully informed. We strive to accomplish this in several ways, including:

Client Reviews with Keith DeGreen

Keith DeGreenOn request, Keith DeGreen is happy to meet personally with clients, either by phone in-person, or by email, to review their investment priorities or their portfolio. Our terrific staff is also available to handle all administrative matters. We are always a phone call or email away.

Exclusive Email Commentaries from Keith DeGreen

Clients receive frequent email updates, portfolio news and market commentaries from Keith. These updates include a full explanation as to why we may have made changes in our portfolios, why we may have gone to cash or to other defensive positions, and updates on performance for all portfolio allocation categories.

Clients are invited to individually correspond with Keith by email. He responds promptly and candidly to their questions or concerns.

Weekly Narrated Slide Shows

Herb MorganEach week, Herb Morgan, founder and CEO of Efficient Market Advisors, narrates an online video for clients, complete with PowerPoint updates. Herb’s presentations provide excellent market and economic insights.
Herb Morgan’s Economic and Market Commentary

Special Clients-Only Events

Each year DeGreen Capital Management presents its annual Performance and Markets Outlook Conference in Scottsdale. At each conference, Keith candidly explains where we did well, and where we might have done better during the previous year. We also review the most likely market-performance scenarios for the coming year, and our strategies for dealing with them.

We also sponsor other clients-only seminars and workshops throughout the year.

Back Office Communications

Don Ebey is our Vice President of Operations. He and his team do an outstanding job of immediately responding to all administrative issues for clients. We provide our clients with a special phone number to reach Client Services directly. The team is available to provide you and your accountant consolidated performance and other reports on request.

Personalized Reports

We offer a suite of online, on-demand, personalized performance reports. Just select the report you wish to see, and select your reporting period. In addition, Charles Schwab online provides realized and unrealized gains reports, and provides annual tax information in a timely manner. We are also happy to generate reports for you on request.