We strongly believe in proactively keeping our clients fully informed. We strive to accomplish this in several ways, including:

The Two Most Important Hours on Radio!

While our practice is limited to serving affluent investors, our popular radio show – now in its 30th year on Arizona’s NewsTalk 550 KFYI – is for everyone!

Join us Saturdays from 11 AM to 1 PM for the two liveliest and most informative financial hours on radio! You may also catch our recent shows at your convenience right here. Just Click Here for our Radio/Podcasts page.

Client Reviews with Keith or Sam DeGreen

Keith and Sam DeGreenPrecision – one of the three important keys to Smart, Proactive Investing – requires not only that we place you into your most appropriate initial portfolio, but also that we modify your allocations over time to accommodate your changing circumstances. Therefore, we not only welcome, but encourage, frequent Client Review visits. On request, Keith or Sam DeGreen will meet personally with you, by phone, in-person, or by email, to review your changing investment priorities and your investment portfolio. Our terrific staff is also available to handle all administrative matters. We are always just a phone call or email away.

Exclusive Email Commentaries

Our frequent client emails are not fluff pieces from someone’s New York office. Instead, they provide detailed insights into the markets’ impact on your DeGreen portfolio. They are specific, lively and timely assessments from Keith and Sam designed to keep you candidly and accurately informed at all times.

Our client emails include a full explanations as to why we may have made changes in our portfolios, why we may have gone to cash or taken other defensive action, and provide updates on the performance of all portfolio allocation categories.

ALSO, clients are invited to individually correspond with Keith and Sam by email. Our responses are prompt, candid and specific to your questions or concerns.

Back Office Communications

Don EbeyDeborah WilsonDon Ebey is our Vice President of Operations, and Deborah Wilson is our Director of Client Services. They are quite a team – with more than 65 years of industry experience between them. They do an outstanding job of immediately responding to all administrative issues for clients. We provide our clients with a special phone number to reach Client Services directly. The team is also available to provide you and your accountant consolidated performance and other reports on request.

Personalized Reports

We are also happy to generate reports for you on request.

We also offer a suite of online, on-demand, personalized performance reports. Just select the report you wish to view and select your reporting period. In addition, Charles Schwab online provides realized and unrealized gains reports, and provides annual tax information in a timely manner.