How Should You Be Allocated?

We believe that choosing how to allocate between “Growth” and “Wealth Preservation” is the single most important core decision you will ever make as an investor. During your Investment Suitability interview with Keith DeGreen, and based on your specific situation, Keith will help you apply sound allocation principles to select the portion of your portfolio that should be allocated toward “Growth”, and the portion that should be allocated toward “Wealth Preservation (WP)”.

Growth, Wealth Preservation, or Both?

We maintain eleven Growth/WP Allocation Categories in ten percent increments to respond to your specific needs. Each allocation category employs the skills of up to five world-class money managers, all of whom have proven — and highly effective — track records of proactively managing against downside risk while pursuing gains. Allocation Categories range from 100% Wealth Preservation to 100% Growth. Some examples include 40% Growth and 60% WP; 80% Growth and 20% WP; 30% Growth and 70% WP, etc.

We allocate among managers based on your ideal incremental allocation between “Growth” and “Wealth Preservation”. Remembering that all of our managers proactively manage against downside risk, your personal Growth/WP allocation should always be based on your personal circumstances and not on market headlines. You will discuss this more fully at your Investment Suitability Interview with Keith.

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