Investing With DeGreen Capital Management

Fee-only DeGreen Capital Management (DCM) manages portfolios through separately managed client accounts at Charles Schwab. Our approved separate account programs, Swan Investment Management and Hanlon Managed Income, maintain accounts at TD Ameritrade and Pershing respectively.

Whether under our direct management or with an approved vendor, we will handle all the paperwork as we allocate your portfolio. We and our approved managers go to cash or defensive positions if circumstances warrant. Our mission is to efficiently bring you the world’s most promising markets and sectors, while striving to protect you on the downside.

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Industry Innovation with DeGreen-Direct and DeGreen-Plus

We offer FOUR innovative ways to enlist our services – two Direct programs for individuals who do not require certain other additional services, Plus two programs for investors who may require outside assistance by an independent advisor.

DeGreen-Direct Platinum

Our DeGreen‐Direct Platinum Program is available to investors for whom we manage at least $5,000,000. Benefits include a personal suitability interview with Keith DeGreen, reduced fees, special briefings, and the services of Brent Pine, CPA, CFP® at substantially reduced cost.


Our DeGreen‐Direct Program is available to investors for whom we manage between $1,500,000 and $5,000,000. Its many benefits are similar to our Platinum Program, and include reduced fees, a personal suitability interview with Keith DeGreen, and special events.


Our DeGreen‐Plus Program is available to all investors with aggregate portfolios of at least $1,500,000, for whom we manage at least $1,000,000. It offers many benefits, plus an additional suitability interview with, and the continuing supervision of, Brent Pine, CPA, CFP®.

Brent owns Integrated Wealth Management LLC – a highly experienced team that has served investors for more than 25 years. Many investors require assistance and guidance beyond the portfolio management services we offer.

Brent and his firm provide many comprehensive services. They are equipped to provide complete stewardship of all your managed investments, including alternative investments that we don’t handle. That is why DeGreen Plus is well suited to the needs of many investors, regardless of the size of their portfolios. During your Investment Suitability Interview with Keith, you may discuss whether DeGreen-Plus may be right for you.

DeGreen-Direct, But With Help on Other Issues

Clients often wish to invest directly with us, but also request that Brent and his team assist them with other issues. We are more than happy to accommodate these requests.