Your Investment Suitability Interview with Keith

DeGreen Suitability Interview

Your Personal Investment Suitability Interview with Keith DeGreen is an important first step toward achieving your financial goals.

Please call us today at (480) 609‐9900 to request your no-obligation interview with Keith. Your interview is a professional, diagnostic review of your specific situation and needs. It is not a sales pitch. At your interview we will first determine whether what we do is appropriate for you. If not, Keith will be the first to say so.

Keith will then explore your specific situation with you, including your investment history, your objectives and cash needs, investment timeline, risk tolerance and many other factors.  Together, you will objectively examine the inherent historical volatility and performance range of our 16 risk-adjusted portfolios to select the risk-adjusted approach best for you. Our goal is to assume as little volatility as possible to accomplish your specific objectives.

When you schedule your appointment, we will send you an important, exclusive Orientation Video, and a questionnaire to review. We will also provide a list of documents you should bring to the meeting. We will assist you throughout the process. Because of the importance of this meeting, spouses are required to attend.

We sincerely look forward to being of assistance.