Investor Best Interest Questionnaire

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Please complete at least the first step of this form prior to your Investor Suitability Interview. We recommend you review the rest of the questions, and that, if you wish, you complete as many questions you wish prior to our meeting. We will review all questions at the interview. We MUST receive the first step prior to your interview. All answers should reflect your needs FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS. The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us determine whether our services are in your best interests and, if so, which of our portfolios is (are) in your best interests.

Individual/Husband's Information

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Let’s Examine Your Investible Assets.

We need to know what investible assets you may have, where they are, and how much of your total portfolio you may initially allocate to our management. This may affect your portfolio selection and fees with us. NOTE: You enjoy substantial fee savings with DCM, back to the first dollar, at the following “breakpoints” of assets under management: $1M, $2M, $3M, $5M and $10M. Other family members may “piggy back” their accounts to receive our lowest aggregate fee. There are also many advantages to integrating your entire portfolio with a single professional advisor. (Particularly with us!)

In the chart below, please list the approximate total value of all your investment or savings accounts (including your brokerage accounts, retirement accounts at work, and cash or CDs at the bank), and what you may initially invest with DCM. Please account for each dollar only once, by placing in the most appropriate category.

Cash/CDs/Checking Accounts

(name of company, broker or bank)

Taxable Brokerage Accounts

(name of company, broker or bank)

IRAs – Individual or Husband

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IRAs – Wife

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401(k)s or Other Retirement Plans at Your Employer

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Annuities, Non-public REITS or other Alternative Investments

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Other Accounts/Cash You Control

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3. Net Worth.

If this amount is greater than the total amount in Question 2, what other assets are we missing in the totals from the chart in Question 2?