Our Simple Approach: Barbell Investing

We Manage Our Proven Sub-Portfolios on Each Side of Your Wealth Barbell

Barbell Investing

Barbell Investing

Break it all down and ultimately there are only two types of portfolios: “Growth” and “Wealth Preservation.”

“Growth” is commonly associated with equities and with certain more volatile alternative investments such as, for example, real estate or pipeline partnerships.

“Wealth Preservation” is commonly associated with fixed income, cash and other less volatile or “inflation hedge” alternative investments such as, for example, precious metals.

Each of our 16 low-cost, risk-adjusted ETF portfolios is weighted, like a barbell, between “Growth” and “Wealth Preservation.”

At FEE-ONLY DCM, in cooperation with our colleagues at Efficient Market Advisors (EMA), we allocate our 16 portfolios across the four major investment asset classes: equities, fixed income, alternatives and cash.

Within our more aggressive portfolios, we lean more heavily toward growth assets; and within our less aggressive portfolios we favor assets associated with wealth preservation. Based on historical returns, the more a portfolio is allocated toward growth the greater is its potential return, but the more volatile it can become. The reverse is historically true with portfolios allocated more toward wealth preservation.

Each of our portfolios presents its own range of historic volatility. Each has a more than ten-year GIPS-compliant performance and volatility track record. At your Suitability Interview with Keith, you will decide together on the volatility range most appropriate for you in pursuit of your longer-term investment objectives. Our goal is to assume no more volatility than necessary in order to accomplish your objectives.

Our fees are the same regardless of the portfolio you select. There is no hidden agenda. Our only priority is to ensure that we select the portfolio that best fits your needs, and that it performs in a manner consistent with your realistic expectations.

After strategically allocating across diverse asset classes, our investment committee makes tactical selections within specific markets, sectors and industries, in the U.S. and around the world. Here we objectively weigh fundamental, technical, economic and public policy factors as we rotate among the world’s most promising markets.

But there is much more, as we seek to defend your portfolio… CLICK HERE to read about our defensive protocols.