Your low-cost ETF portfolio will reflect your specific objectives, under our experienced, professional management at DCM.

Through DeGreen Capital Management (DCM), our investment committee, Efficient Market Advisors (EMA), offers 15 diversified, risk-adjusted ETF portfolios, and one All Equities portfolio. Your portfolio combination will be based on your allocation between “Growth” and “Wealth Preservation.” (Click here for more information on our DeGreen Advantage page.) Your allocation is determined during your objective Best Interest Interview here at DeGreen Capital Management, and is updated based on your changing needs over time.

Each of EMA’s diversified portfolios has a proven, documented, performance and volatility track record. Our mission at DCM is to select and monitor the portfolio(s) that best meets your objectives, with as little volatility as possible; and to accommodate your changing needs over time.

Using U.S.-traded ETFs, our portfolios are carefully diversified worldwide across the four major asset classes – equities, fixed income, alternatives and cash. To enhance the potential of your portfolio, and to minimize risk, we rotate among all the world’s most promising markets, using U.S.-traded ETFs.

We offer five time-based, asset-class weighted, ETF portfolio categories. Each category offers a “conservative”, “moderate” and “aggressive” variation to fit your objectives. At your Best Interest Interview, we will examine, among other factors, the time remaining before you must begin drawing annual income of five percent or more from your portfolio. The time periods range from:

  • Taking income now
  • Taking income in 2-5 years
  • Taking income in 6-10 years
  • Taking income in 11-19 years
  • Taking income in 20-plus years

In addition, for investors with a longer time horizon and higher risk tolerance, we also offer an All-Equities portfolio.

Many other factors will also be considered as we discuss, select and monitor the approach best suited to your specific situation.

Our portfolios are managed by a professional, highly-qualified investment committee. By selecting the allocation most appropriate for you, we at DCM can minimize the number of times we may need to “go to cash” or take other defensive action to defend your wealth. However, if markets break down beyond normal standard deviations applicable to your allocation, we may seek to defend your wealth by going to cash and/or by taking other defensive measures. (Click here for more information about our written Defensive Protocols)

For more information about Efficient Market Advisors (EMA), CLICK HERE.