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Keith DeGreen Seminar

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10:00am-12:00pm, February 21st in Scottsdale, AZ

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Smart Proactive Investing

Keith DeGreen presents these very popular, timely, lively and informative programs. Over the years, thousands of investors have attended his presentations, many more than once. We can honestly promise that every participant will know that their time at the seminar was very well spent.

In clear, well-prepared comments, Keith walks all participants through many important topics. His presentations are supplemented by excellent and understandable graphics, and professionally prepared printed materials. And, we have muffins!

SeminarCropBAs a pioneer of exchange-traded fund (ETF) investing, Keith will introduce you to the art and science of actively managing passive index-based investments. You will learn some of the nuanced details that distinguish our professional fee-only management approach; and you will learn how we strive to protect your portfolio from downside risk.

At the program you’ll be introduced to concepts such as:

  • Barbell investing
  • How best to determine your most appropriate investment allocation
  • Proactive risk-management techniques
  • How best to confront government-driven “headline risk”.
  • How to apply old-fashioned, hard-nosed valuation techniques to the new world of market and sector investing
  • How best to value developed and emerging markets worldwide
  • How to calculate and compare “expense risk” within your portfolio
  • How best to invest for income and wealth preservation in a rising interest-rate world; and of course
  • How to more effectively invest for growth.

Our public seminar is perhaps the best way to learn more about us. However, you are not required to attend a seminar before scheduling your Suitability Appointment with Keith.

A final promise: You will not be pitched or pressured at the seminar. You will certainly be invited to schedule your own Personal Investment Suitability Interview with Keith, but that decision is yours.

SeminarCropCOur public seminars are held in the beautiful business auditorium in Scottsdale, AZ. You will be sent directions and parking instructions when you make your reservations at 480-609-9900 or online through this site.

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Our Client Events

We constantly strive to keep our clients well informed. We also present:

  • Annual Client Conference. Each year DeGreen Capital Management presents its annual Performance and Markets Outlook Conference in Scottsdale. At each conference, Keith candidly reviews the previous years’ results, and the most likely scenarios for the coming year. We also discuss the performance and suitability of the other managers we may be using in your portfolio. In addition, we often invite noteworthy speakers. At a recent conference, for example, we heard from a member of Congress.
  • Client Briefings. In addition to the Annual Client Conference, Keith also presents at least one Client Briefing each year in Scottsdale. Briefing topics are typically driven by current market, economic and political events. As always, the programs are lively and informative.