I’m Keith DeGreen and this is your Investors Minute.

Earnings season has begun – that once per quarter ritual when publicly-traded companies report their profits for the previous quarter, and provide guidance on their future earnings expectations.

This week I’ll focus on the competing factors that may influence the profit projections and share prices – of U.S. companies.

First, the downside: the International Monetary Fund recently confirmed that in 2015 the world economy will not grow as rapidly as previously expected. A slowing world economy – and our rising dollar — can hurt U.S. exports despite our gradually improving economy here at home.

Also, recent polls place concern about geopolitical risk at historically high levels.

We are not cheerleaders for any market or investment. We go to cash when things get dicey. But tomorrow the upside – tune in!

I’m Keith DeGreen, and this has been your Investors Minute.

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